The Lord’s Supper

lords-supper-bookI recently finished reading The Lord’s Supper: Remembering and Proclaiming Christ Until He Comes.  The book is the latest edition of a series of books on Bible and Theology published by Broadman and Holman (ISBN 978-0-8054-4757-6).  Thomas Schreiner and Matthew Crawford  were the editors (and also contributors) for this book centered on the theology, history and present day practice of the ordinance of the Lord’s Supper.  The book is a great study for pastors and worship leaders who plan and lead the Lord’s Supper in the church.  The book includes chapters written by Andreas Kostenberger, Jonathan Pennington, James Hamilton, Michael Haykin, Gregg Allison, Bruce Ware, Shawn Wright, Greg Wills, Brian Vickers, Greg Thornbury and Ray Van Neste.  These writers bring a wealth of information on all aspects of the Lord’s Supper including discussions on the Lord’s Supper – a Passover meal, Paul’s view on the Lord’s Supper, the Lord’s Supper in the early church, The Lord’s Supper and the reformation, and the Lord’s Supper in Baptist History. 

A number of Christian leaders through the centuries are quoted in the book including this quote from Spurgeon that addresses frequency of the Lord’s Supper in the church:

So with the Lord's Supper, my witness is, and I think I speak the mind of many of  God's people now present, that coming as some of us do, weekly, to the Lord's table, we do not find the breaking of bread to have lost its significance – it is always fresh to us.  I have often remarked on the Lord's day evening, whatever the subject may have been, whether Sinai has thundered over our heads, or the plaintive notes of Calvary have pierced our hearts, it always seems equally appropriate to come to the breaking of the bread.  Shame on the Christian church that she should put it off to once a month, and mar the first day of the week by depriving it of its glory in the meeting together for fellowship and breaking of bread, and showing forth of the death of Christ till he come.  They who once know the sweetness of each Lord's day celebrating his Supper, will not be content, I am sure, to put it off to less frequent seasons.  Beloved, when the Holy Ghost is with us, ordinances are wells to the Christian, wells of rich comfort and of near communion.  (373,374).

I found this book very helpful to me in discussing important issues that surround the Lord’ Supper.  Because it covers so much ground  – theology of the Lord’ Supper, historical practice and guidelines for the church today – it should be on the library shelf of pastors and worship leaders.


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