New Album by Adrian Mathenia

This week we would like to feature a new album by another one of our students, Adrian Mathenia.  This is Adrian's second LP, titled Rise Anew — a spiritual journey of highs and lows set to a modern band with an Americana heartbeat. It was released in October of 2015 and the talented folks at Resonate Recordings took on the project wholeheartedly and dialed in a lush singer—songwriter album with some of Adrian's most personal stories gathered into one collection. 

You can learn more about Adrian's music at his website, or download his music from iTunes.  You can also follow him on Facebook or Bandcamp.  

New Album by Scott Cornish

This new album, "Change Our Shame Into Praise," by Scott Cornish, was recorded throughout the summer and fall of 2015 in Louisville, KY.  In all, 27 people were a part of making this album possible through recording, mixing, and mastering.  The vast majority of them are current students at SBTS.  The songs were written and/or arranged by Scott Cornish, a current SBTS student.  All 13 songs can be downloaded for free at Scott's website.  They are also included here for you to listen to them.